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Beths 1 Hour Skirt

Beth’s 1 Hour Skirt 


Last Friday my youngest daughter Beth came around for a visit and we spent the afternoon sewing. Beth made this skirt in 1 hour and has worn it non stop since...its just so easy.

You Will Need

1/ 1 metre of fabric or twice your waist measurement that has a width of 150cms.

2/ Sewing thread to match.

3/ Elastic for the waist band.

4/ Sewing equipment i.e sewing machine, fabric scissors, tape measure, safety pin.

Step 1. Sew the two side raw edges together. Right sides together...so in effect you have a tube of fabric.

Step 2. Turn the tube of fabric inside out, the wrong side of the fabric and the raw edges of the seam face outwards. Now fold the top edge of the tube down to met the bottom edge of the tube. The right side of the fabric is next to your skin and the top layer of the skirt is on the outside of the skirt.

Step 3. 1.5cm down from the fold sew a line of stitch all the way around but leave a small gap to thread the elastic thru.

 Step 4. Measure your waist and cut the required length of elastic.  Thread the elastic thru with a safety pin, once threaded thru overlap the ends of the elastic and sew together.

Step 5. To do the hem, which needs to be done on the inner layer and outer layer of the skirt  measure from the waist down to the required length plus 2cms extra. Turn this 2mcs up for the hem allowance and sew in place with sewing machine

Step 6. Wear and enjoy your skirt, congratulations.